Blue Flower

Welcome to Brisbane Tech Services.

Brisbane Tech Services is run by an experienced linux system and network administrator who has worked primarily in datacentre environments for over 15 years and is located close to the Brisbane CBD.

Services available are:

Network administration:

- Cisco switch and router installation and configuration
- Management of small to medium-large Cisco networks
- Configuration of BGP routers in a multi-homed network to multiple carriers or peering exchanges.

System administration:

- Management of Linux systems
(Primarily experienced in CentOS and Ubuntu systems but can work with your choice of system)
- Installation and management of CPanel web hosting servers.
- Installation of Wordpress, Drupal or other CMS systems
- Installation of your choice of web applications (e.g. forums, mailing lists, email support systems)


On-site computer builds, upgrading and troubleshooting
- Evaluation of current computers and servers with suggested upgrade path fitting within required budget and schedule.
- Long term computer refresh plan 
- Construction of custom PC systems fitted to your requirements, specifications and/or budget
- Diagnoses, troubleshooting and rectification of computer hardware issues.

Currently I am offering the service of remote management of Linux systems for $50/hr.

I may be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via 0406 250 688.